How Brendan Fraser’s Divorce Hurt His Career

Brendan Fraser an how his divorce affected his carreer

First, let’s congratulate Brendan Fraser on his Best Leading Man Oscar win for “The Whale.” If you haven’t seen the movie, we highly suggest you check it out.

This awards season, the actor has won both honors and the hearts of people due to his tremendous gratitude and humble attitude toward the same Hollywood community that previously shunned him. 

For many people, this marks a new beginning of Fraser’s triumphant comeback story into Tinsel Town after some challenging bumps in his career path.

For others, these situations are a reminder of the darker times that Fraser struggled through, including the sexual assault allegations he waged against an influential Hollywood insider and his messy divorce from his ex, Afton Smith. 

Who Is Brendan Fraser?

Brendan James Fraser was born on December 3, 1968. He is a Canadian-American actor with an extensive Hollywood career spanning several decades. His best-known works include leading roles in comedies, blockbusters, and dramatic films. 

In 1990, he graduated from the Cornish College of the Arts and made his film debut in the movie, Dogfight. In 1992, Fraser had his breakthrough role in Encino Man and the high school drama School Ties.

Brendan’s Films

Fraser has an extensive film resume. Some of his bigger films include:

  • George of the Jungle (1997)
  • The Mummy Trilogy (1999-2008)
  • Gods and Monsters (1998)
  • The Quiet American (2002)
  • Crash (2004)
  • Bedazzled (2000)
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

How Hollywood’s Comeback Kid, Brendan Fraser’s, Divorce from His Ex-wife Halted His Career

After accusing Phillip Berk, the former Hollywood Foreign Press Association President, of sexual assault in 2003, Fraser’s career hit rocky waters. Sadly, this scandal pushed his acting prospects right into the mud. 

When his sizzling hot career cooled down after the massive Hollywood blockbuster, “The Mummy” series, Fraser and his then ex-wife, Afton Smith, filed for divorce in 2007.

Fraser and Smith had plenty of things to work out during the proceedings of their messy divorce. The pair had been married for nine years–an eternity in Hollywood–and had three sons; Griffin, Holden, and Leland. They struggled to maintain their marriage but ultimately decided divorce was the best move for everyone

The divorce placed a blemish on Frasier’s already stalled career, making him appear unwanted and undesirable because of his shaky career status. Most of the higher-ups in Hollywood aren’t interested in casting a guy who seems to have a string of horrible luck.

Approximately six years after he finalized his divorce and child agreement in 2013, Fraser headed to a courtroom in Connecticut to attempt to reduce his yearly $900,000 child support payments to his ex, according to the New York Post. 

According to his testimony and court records, Fraser claimed he expected to earn $0 from his acting career in the upcoming years. Fraser claimed his low (no) income was because he had no current movie deals during that time. He stated that he couldn’t afford to keep paying that amount for his annual child support, and there is no bigger risk than employing a struggling actor for your film.

Even when Hollywood stopped requesting Fraser for blockbuster movie deals, he still acted in several other minor flicks after attempting to reduce his alimony. But the money wasn’t enough to justify his child support.

According to a GQ magazine interview, Fraser said his lack of funds came from all the surgeries he underwent over several years. He had to pay bills and deal with the limit on his potential to make future money.

The next blow came when his ex hit him hard where it hurt. She alleged that Fraser hid his assets. While those allegations hit a dead end, eventually, the court decided that the only way Fraser could lower the alimony was if he began making less than $3 million annually

The drama surrounding his divorce, the sexual assault allegations, and the medical issues have caused Fraser one of the biggest downfalls of any Hollywood actor in recent history. 

However, Fraser’s career bounced back even stronger because of a sudden online interest in the actor and his previous work. As his career continues to flourish, Fraser sees himself working with some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Why Giving up on Your Dreams Shouldn’t Be an Option

Life can be challenging. Just like Brendan Fraser, you may run up against many obstacles and may want to give up on your dreams. But before you throw in the towel, read on to find out why you may want to continue hanging in there. 

Success Could Be Just around the Corner

Why would you give up knowing your dreams could be right around the corner? Whether you understand it or not, you are closer to your next success, and some minor alterations to your plan may yield the biggest results. 

For example, millions of people use dating apps, but if they don’t find their perfect match in a specific timeframe, they give up and delete their profile. They didn’t realize that all they needed to do was make a minor change to yield better results. 

They could’ve updated their profile information or switched dating apps altogether. So instead of a general dating app like, they can narrow their search to find a particular profession or common interest. It only takes one minor adjustment to help you reach your goals.

You Need Growth for the Human Experience

Have you heard the term “if you’re not growing, you’re dying?” As human beings, we need growth in order to truly live. While success is the ultimate goal, the journey is just as valuable, if not more, because those lessons help us grow. 

The Reward Is Awesome!

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you create a beautiful life. When you’re happy, you jump out of bed every morning, excited to see what life has in store for you. You will live in constant happiness and abundance when you achieve your goals. You’ll have the financial freedom to do what you enjoy and have caring and passionate relationships.

Final Thoughts

The lesson here is that if you have dreams, go for them because you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain. Where would Brendan Fraser be if he had given up? Definitely not an Oscar winner, that’s for sure! 

Leroy Vandalay
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