Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 11 FINALE Recap

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Are you keeping up with the latest drama on Fox’s Farmer Wants a Wife, or are you too busy tending to your own flock? If you haven’t, we have recapped all of the episodes leading up to *dun dun dun* the season finale. 

We can safely say that this dating show certainly didn’t follow the same old tired script–country star charmer Jennifer Nettles played host to four strapping farmers and ranchers searching for a wife. 

And because it didn’t follow the reg dating show format, it was pretty tame compared to its racy counterparts: i.e., boring. But we obviously are in the minority with this opinion, and there is good news for all of you Farmer Wants Wife fans–Fox is on the hunt for more green-thumbed ladies. 

According to Deadline, Farmer Wants A Wife will return for another season on the network–the renewal news dropped just before the season finale, which makes sense since the series has been drawing an average of 2.25 million viewers every episode. That’s a lot of eyes peeled for these farmers every week!

Opinions about the content aside, we’ve reached the pinnacle of this little research project, and it’s time for these men to make a big-boy decision. Which fair maiden has captured their hearts? Will any of them find a wife before the curtains close on this reality TV show?

Let’s find out!

The End of the Experiment

We begin ‘The Final Decisions’ with a sweeping shot leading up toward farmer Allen’s place, Landon’s, Ryan’s, and Hunter’s homestead. 

They’ve returned back to their respective homes after visiting their final two potential wife’s cities and meeting their friends and fam. 

And the ladies are not far behind as we see them returning to their potential hubby’s homes. 


Khelsi and Rebecca pull up to Allen’s, and he seems confident about his choice—telling each of them that he is “very fond” of them. Ugh, Allen. Fond? There are so many other adjectives he could’ve used. 

Ok, this is a new format—11 minutes and 44 seconds in; after one commercial break, Allen makes his choice! They’re going farmer by farmer and not waiting until the end of the show; that’s kind of refreshing. 

To the surprise of no one, Allen chooses Khelsi and sends Rebecca back to train her horses. She does not shed one tear and gracefully gets into a waiting SUV idling nearby to take her back to her own life. 

Khelsi seems over the moon that she’s been chosen by farmer Allen. They have a chaste kiss and walk away arm in arm—we guess that’s it? Are they going to get married? It’s not clear, but I assume that’s the next step. 


In North Carolina, Ryan brings in his mom to help him choose between Sara with a V and Haley, who we assume Haley decided to come back after he sort of begged her to return to his ranch. 

Wait, she hasn’t decided to come back—yet. We bet she’ll be back otherwise; Ryan doesn’t have to decide unless he decides he doesn’t want to be with Sara. 

Sara arrives, and they hug before they get down to business. He tells her his concerns about their intimate side; translation: he’s not attracted to her. She takes it like a champ, so we think she wasn’t that into him, either. Maybe they’ll be friends!

Welp, Haley does show up, and Ryan looks thrilled. He starts his speech with an apology for sending him home and tells her that her emotions brought out his emotional side. 

She reacts by telling him that she “respects him” and cares about him. It’s not looking good, BUT she tells him she’s open to discussing things further and would like to give it some space and time. 

Ryan shit the bed in the romance department, but there’s hope—she left the door ajar. 


Ashley L and Ashley R traveled back to Landon’s farm, and both seemed to be really into him.

Ashley L is up first, and she has a built-in family for him, as she has a daughter. 

He tells her what a great mom she is, and that is the kiss of death. He tells her he can’t continue this journey with her, and we were really rooting for this Florida cutie. You deserve better; Landon is corny! 

Ashley R rolls up, and he wastes no time telling her that she makes him giggly and he’s falling in love with her. He asks her to “stay here and write our story,” and she says she’d love to. They walk off hand in hand. 


Sydney and Meghan are Hunter’s final two, and our bets are on the latter, but there could be a twist; who knows! 

These women keep saying they “like” Hunter. Ladies! You have to do more than “like” someone you’re going to marry! What even is this show?

Sydney steps into the ring first, and although Megan is the front-runner, we adore Sydney and her dimples!! He tells her they’re meant to be lifelong friends, and she says she has been blessed to know him and that they’ll always be “twin flames.” She tells him to “go get the girl” and bows out. 

Up next is Meghan, and we called it. We aren’t even going to go over what they say to each other because it was obvious from the jump he was going to pick her. We should’ve started a betting pool, and we would’ve cleaned up. Good for them, and happy trails!

And that ends our Farmer Wants a Wife journey. The final tally is:

  • No farmers have wives
  • One farmer may not even have a girlfriend
  • Three farmers have girlfriends (we think)

We know we covered rejection before, but with this episode ending with women being rejected on national TV with millions of people watching, we thought it’d be helpful to go over the subject in more detail–particularly how to distinguish your self-worth from romantic rejection! 

Separating Romantic Rejection from Self-Worth

Rejection in a romantic relationship might make you wonder if your feeling of value depends on how “desirable” other people think you are. How can you be sure that any time someone breaks up with you, you won’t fall into a pit of despair? How and when can you gradually embrace the fact that it’s not you but them?

How can you bounce back from a rejected love interest without allowing it to affect your sense of worth? 

Romantic rejection is among the most excruciating because it strikes at the very core of our sense of ourselves and our attractiveness. And just like women have been saying for as long as anybody can remember, guys worry about being rejected, too—especially due to their age and attractiveness. Most individuals can get through the grief of romantic rejection by relying on friends or family, but low self-esteem and prior trauma might prolong the suffering.

The process of dating, like the process of life overall, is about finding people who you connect with; after all, we do not connect with everyone we meet; otherwise, we’d have thousands of best friends.

Dating is a great way to get insight into oneself, discover one’s passions, and hone one’s toughness through experiencing both success and failure with potential partners. As a result, when someone rejects you, it’s not only the universe helping you save time; it’s also guiding you toward people who are more compatible with you and more deserving of your time and affection!

Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with romantic rejection!

1. The Relationship Is Being Rejected–Not You

Rejection is not solely attributed to one person. If one partner decides to end the relationship, it is likely due to something within the relationship that didn’t work for them instead of being solely due to the other person. Separating our own perception of self from the collective identity that emerges as we bond with others can be a truly empowering experience.

When someone decides to end a relationship or rejects the opportunity to take it to the next level, it’s important to understand that it’s not a reflection of your personal worth. Rather, it’s a decision about the compatibility and potential of the relationship itself.

It is important for people to understand that rejection is not always a personal attack–it can often be a reflection of unfulfilled needs or desires within a mutual relationship.

2. It’s Not about You; It’s about Them

When the object of our affection rejects us, we naturally wonder: What did I do wrong? Do they think I’m ugly? Am I less then? 

When we allow ourselves to be defined by someone else’s rejection, we begin to believe that we are undeserving of ever experiencing love again.

The truth is the fact that the rejection was not a reflection of your worth as a person but rather more about the other person and their own circumstances. Just because someone wasn’t ideal for you does not mean you’re unattractive, boring, or unpleasant to be around!

It is perfectly acceptable and healthy to feel sad and take time to recover after experiencing rejection or a breakup. However, it is important to realize that the end of the relationship did not reflect your worth. Once you come to this realization, you will be able to move forward with less difficulty. 

3. Rejection Is a Window for Self-Reflection

You might benefit from considering the lessons you learned from what happened if you feel you have lost some of your sense of self-worth.

Instead of wondering what’s wrong with you (there isn’t anything wrong with you, but this is where our thoughts naturally wander), consider what you can take away from the relationship.

Have you overlooked any warning signs? When you think about your past experiences with this approach, you aren’t trying to beat yourself up for mistakes you made.

In the search for love, a little introspection may go a long way. When someone encourages you instead of discourages you, it’s easier to pick yourself back up after a breakup!

Final Thoughts

It helps to remember that rejection can be beneficial in preventing you from investing time in unsuitable relationships. Although people may be concerned about hurting their partner’s feelings when ending a romantic connection, most people would rather be apprised if the other person is not interested in them.

This indicates that people’s need for an exciting emotional and intimate connection is what lies behind the rejection, rather than any inherent value in the rejected person. And that, my friends, is the heart of passionate love!

Rejection is like a bee sting, but instead of swelling up, your ego takes the blow. And depending on how fragile your self-esteem is at the time, that sting can last longer than an unflattering haircut. Go ahead and take all the time you need to heal your wounded ego but keep in mind that the rejection is not a reflection of your amazing self—it’s about them and what they are going through. 

Don’t worry; there’s a perfect match for you out there who will adore you just the way you are.

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