“Farmer Wants a Wife” S01 Episode 3 – Recap and Dating Advice

Farmer wants a wife episode three

When I saw the title of the latest episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, a little part of my soul left my body. 

The third installment of the series is entitled ‘Why Won’t He Kiss Miss,’ and while I know this is a more wholesome reality dating show on network TV, it doesn’t have to be so corny. Yes, it’s about farmers so corn crops could be involved, but they could meet me halfway. 

Since the farmers are attending a rodeo this week, I’m choosing to call it ‘Who’s Getting Ridden After the Rodeo’ so I can cope. 

The first organized social outing of the pursuit of love begins tonight. In this episode, Jennifer Nettles takes the farmers and their potential wifeys-to-be to the State Fair of Texas Rodeo in Dallas for a weekly mixer.

Following the group outing, the farmers will choose one woman to go on a coveted solo date.

Giddy Up, Let’s Get into the Manure.

Meghan is threatening to leave Hunter, and we have our first meltdown!! She doesn’t want to be on TV, and he talks her down—she will stick it out for a week. Me thinks someone wanted a little one-on-one time, but I’m very cynical. 

They’ve been on the farms for a week before the rodeo outing; Allen shows his herd of hotties the horses, while over at Ryan’s homestead, the girls gossip over breakfast and dish about Haley making out with him, and then another woman says she also kissed him! The treachery! Then he takes them to the barn, where they shovel horse poop. 

And over at Hunter’s place, they’re feeding pigs and chickens while he ruminates over the fact that he’s dating five women at the same time. 

Farmer Landon is struggling, and his flock of females is feeling neglected—several of them bring up the fact that he doesn’t pay them enough attention. 

That’s about as exciting as it gets on the farms, but then all of a sudden, they’re packing for the rodeo in Dallas, Texas, where all the farmers and their ladies will meet up again for some fun. 

Cut to the rodeo, and all of the women are kvetching about wanting one-on-one time while the bros talk about how hard it is to juggle several women. 

I did enjoy the cowboys getting bucked off of horses and bulls because I think it’s a cruel practice, and I laughed when one got stomped by a huge steer. That’s your fault, buddy! Shake it off. Afterward, they’re all hanging out and having their much sought-after one-on-ones. 

The ladies are stealing the men away from other ladies, and shit is getting petty, which I love. That’s dating show gold! And I’m not talking about a crop of wheat.

This brings us to tonight’s dating topic—jealousy. Listen, I get it, and I am psychotically jealous, BUT I have self-awareness and wouldn’t put myself in the position of having to compete with other women for a farmer. 

So, how can you tamper that jealous streak when it rears its ugly head? Easy. Don’t go on a reality dating show, so millions of viewers won’t witness you being jealous! I joke, I joke. But in all seriousness, you have to rein it in around other people and try your hardest to make it appear you are in no way jealous. 

While it is a perfectly natural human emotion, it’s not a great look when dating. While some may find it flattering that you’re jealous, they are in the minority. After the initial ego stroke wears off, the object of a dater’s jealousy will likely find it irritating and cut you loose.

The men are then tasked with picking one lucky lady for a solo date. They’re all waiting around to find out who is chosen, and there are tears and threats to peace out of the show. There are a lot of doubts, and Hunter’s women confront him about his lack of attention. 

He looks terrified, and hooo boy, I don’t blame him. 

Ryan gets one woman a rose, and the other women watch them kiss, and they pout about it. 

Allen turns down a kiss from Cassidy Jo, which is where they got the title of this episode. She does not take this well and cries, which I get—rejection sucks. I’d cry too, girl; you let it out. 

Talia asks Hunter if he is interested in getting to know her, and he is honest with her and tells her he isn’t feeling her. She cries and then dips! It’s not even an elimination night. Girl, you deserve better. 

Jennifer Nettles appears, and Hunter apprises the whole posse about Talia’s departure. And drum roll, please…the solo date winners are about to be announced. 

Allen picks Khelsi, and she’s thrilled. The other ladies cry and lick their wounds. 

Hunter chooses Stephanie, and she is “so excited!”

Landon goes with Kylie, and her cowboy hat flies off her head (from the wind, not from excitement). 

Ryan opts for Lily, and she roasts him a little bit before accepting. 

The journey is over for the week. So, what did we learn about dating a farmer? Rodeos are icky, and so is showing jealousy. So keep your feet in the stirrups and hold on tight to the reins when riding that green monster. 

Tips for Coping with Jealousy

1. Recognize Your Insecurities

We need to be honest with ourselves about our fears, their origins, the things we do to perpetuate them, and the things we might start doing to change them into stable foundations upon which to build a more secure life. You can do this by writing in a diary, practicing meditation, or seeing a therapist. A counselor can help you figure out why you’re feeling jealous and what you can do to change it.

2. Talk to Your Partner Honestly

You should discuss this with your significant other. By addressing your jealousy with them, they may better understand your perspective and change their behavior to make you feel safer in the relationship.

3. Discuss It with Others

To see that you are not alone in experiencing jealousy, it might be helpful to ask others how they handle such feelings. This helps alleviate the anxiety we can feel from having these emotions.

4. Don’t Judge Yourself

While it has a terrible reputation, jealousy isn’t necessarily a harmful emotion. As such, try to avoid considering jealousy to be a “bad” or “wrong” emotion since it is neither. 

The defensive acts we engage in to prevent feelings of jealousy tend to feel bad or wrong, which is a message jealousy tells us about the unhealed aspects of ourselves. Nonetheless, the sensation itself may be a beneficial tool for helping us better understand who we are. 

Permit yourself to experience the whole range of human emotion and thinking, even the uncomfortable parts. While everyone goes through this, the details and situations are always different. Learn where your feelings of jealousy came from. The best approach is to address it with a sense of sensitive curiosity rather than judgment.

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