Sowing Seeds of Romance: ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Episode 2 Breakdown

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On Wednesday’s episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, we saw Farmers Ryan, Allen, Hunter, and Landon welcome the rest of the ladies to their ranches. 

If you missed last week’s premiere, one lucky lady was chosen by each farmer for a 24-hour head start on the competition and headed to the men’s homesteads before the other women fighting to be a farmer’s wife. 

Hosted by Sugarland vocalist and country music veteran Jennifer Nettles, the program features four farmers aged 31-35 — Gastonia, North Carolina’s Ryan Black; Santa Fe, Tennessee’s Allen Foster; Watkinsville, Georgia’s Hunter Grayson; and Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Landon Heaton — owning a total of 750 acres of land.

Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode, aptly titled ‘Down & Dirty on the Farm,’ the farmers show what needs to be done to keep their ranches working—and to win their hearts. 

Let the first dates begin!! And because I’m a dating expert, we’re going to see if they all follow the do’s and don’ts of a first date. 

Some examples of do’s and don’ts: 

  • Do not cry. There should never be any kind of crying on a first date unless someone is grievously injured.
  • Do plan the date! If you don’t have any plans, the date will suck.
  • Don’t come on too strong.
  • Do listen to your date.
  • Don’t trauma dump or tell your life story.

Hunter & Sydney

Hunter takes Sydney into the middle of a cow pasture to an old truck adorned with some kind of lights and a fire in a rusted-out oil barrel. 

They sit on the bed of the old pickup on some hay while getting to know each other. Hunter trauma-dumps immediately by telling her that his best friend in college died in a car wreck and cries. While Sydney is impressed that he can open up, that’s an obvious don’t on a first date. But this is reality tv, so the rules don’t apply. 

Allen & Cassidy Jo

On Allen and Cassidy Jo’s first date, he sets up a little table in a barn (I think it’s a barn) with some candles and flowers. They chat it up, and Cassidy Jo lays out what she’s looking for in a partner, and Allen drops a bomb that he was married and got (gasp!) divorced. 

Cassidy Jo looks straight up disappointed and says, out loud to this farmer’s face, “I don’t really believe in divorce.”

Oop! She grills him about it and tells him whoever marries him “is stuck with her ass.” She got super judge-y about it, and I’m gonna have to say that’s a first date “don’t.”

Landon & Ashley

Landon and Ashley R.’s date starts out with the farmer cooking for her and setting up a picnic table outside with all the fixings. She loves the food and tells him all about her daughter, Harper, who Landon already knows about, and he seems SUPER into her. Their date was all do’s as far as I’m concerned, and they are my fav couple…so far. 

Ryan & Hailey

Onto Ryan and Hailey also eat outside (I guess that’s where farmers eat their meals?), but his setup is far superior, IMO. He sets up a little bar table in a pen that’s lit up with lantern lights and goes to get her a blanket while she pets a loud cat who jumps in her lap in search of a bite of salmon. Hailey says their chemistry is good, and apparently, Ryan agrees— because we get the show’s first kiss!! No don’ts on this date!

All of the men planned their dates (obvi), so they get credit for a first date  “do” in their favor. And while none of the women cried, one of the farmers did too while trauma dumping–tsk tsk, Hunter.

That’s a first date “don’t.” All of the other do’s and don’ts we laid out above were followed, so most of the daters know their first date “rules.” Bravo, dating reality TV contestants! Except for Hunter, which we will let slide since it was sad, but we have our eyes on you, and if oversharing traumatic events becomes a pattern, you may need a therapist instead of a wife.  

Farmer Wants a Wife Competition

Now, here comes the competition, and they all need to step it up because there is an elimination at the end of this show. 

The women all work on their chosen farmers’ farms with a lot of giggling and complaining, which I get. 

Alan chainsaws a tree and then makes the women carry the branches away, but Sloane does not want to get her hands dirty, which Allen notices. Some seem to take to farm life better than others, but it’s still early days (I predict Sloane will bow out or be eliminated because she didn’t pick up a single tree branch). 

Work is finally over, and the host leaves them a note—the farmers have to decide which lady is leaving the farm that night. 

There’s some hemming and hawing, and Landon decides not to send anyone home! All five women are still in contention to be this particular farmer’s wife.

Allen kicks Sloane to the curb (I knew it). She cries, which is a BIG don’t, but again, it’s a reality dating show, and they thrive on drama. 

Hunter sends…dun dun dun… no one packing. They are all safe, and that’s pretty boring, but there’s always next week. 

Now, last but not least, it’s Ryan’s turn to break someone’s heart. But in a shocking twist (sarcasm)—he keeps them all!! 

Only one person was eliminated? What kind of non-cutthroat competition is this? 

Saddle up, though; the next episode shows them on a group date to the rodeo. 

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