Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 7 “Barn Dance Romance” Recap

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Howdy, fellow Farmer Wants a Wife fans! We are back with a brand new recap of FOX’s reality TV dating show. In episode 7, ‘Barn Dance Romance,’ we’ll see the farmers and the remaining women being brought together by host Jennifer Nettles for a barn dance.

Last week, Hunter’s main squeeze Meghan left abruptly after learning her grandpa had passed away. Ryan sent a lady packing, and our other two farmers chose to keep all their potential partners around for another week.

There is only one solo date remaining before the final episode, so these men better get moving—they need to pick up the snail’s pace they’re currently idling at.

Ryan sending Hayley home because she was “too emotional” ruffled his other fillies’ feathers; one of them, Lily, is a psychology major, and she is none too pleased. She sees it as a red flag, and you know what? She is right. And that’s what we’ll be on the lookout for tonight—red flags in relationships.

We are going to skip over the daily activities because, frankly, it’s boring, and who cares that someone got pig poop on their new jeans (which actually happened).

Barn Bop

They head to Tallahassee for some two-stepping for the last group get-together (wasn’t there a closer barn??).

Then men and ladies catch up with each other before the line dancing commences and gossip about each other. Nothing earth-shattering per usual.

Side note: There are a lot of white cowboy boots, and I’m curious if the women bought them for this show or if they already owned them. I mean, it’s a cute look, but why are they all white?

Jennifer Nettles drawled that she “Wants to see those boots scootin’,” and I choked on my coffee. She repeats that there is “Nothin’ like a good boot scootin’,” so I guess it’s a saying.

Cassidy Jo eye-stalks her man while he dances with Khelsi, and hoo boy, she is PISSED. CJ is extremely jealous (red flag) and drinking what I think is alcohol which is a recipe for a freak out; and I would know because I have had many drunken, jealous meltdowns.

They “boot scoot,” and the farmers get some advice from the host. After some side-steppin’ (I’m learning all kinds of southern terms for dancing), Cassidy Jo pulls Allen out of the barn, and she unleashes her insecurities on him, and he tells her they’re at least compatible enough to be friends, and yikes. She doesn’t accept that and tells him she misses him—these are all red flags, but we have to give them some grace as this is a weird process.

Ryan and Sarah have been making out for a long time, and the rest of his potentials are not thrilled. Lily pulls him and tells him that she says his move last week was a red flag and that he’s comfy making physical connections but not emotional ones. He likes that Lily challenges him but says it’s the only thing she does, so they are not in a great space.

The Final Solo Dates

Before we even get to the dates, Landon sends Kylie packing because he would cage her, and it would be like “picking the wigs off a butterfly” to keep her there. Ok, Landon, we respect your honesty and the guts it took to do that.

Landon opts for Zoe, who is a first-time solo date-getter.

Ryan chooses Sara V, who has also never gotten a solo date.

Hunter picks Devonne, who hasn’t gotten a solo date yet, either! I’m sensing a theme here.

Allen goes for Cassidy Jo, so maybe her red-flag behavior paid off.

That’s a wrap on episode 7, farmer fans! See y’all next week, but since we are getting down to the wire, we need to discuss some red flags to watch out for so you can be extra cautious or stop a relationship if need be.

Red Flags

Just a heads up – red flags are like warning signs that something might not be quite right between you and your boo.

Sometimes, especially with fresh, new romances, you can get so caught up in the excitement of it all that it’s hard to see the warning signs. Sometimes when you’re feeling all hot and bothered or head over heels for someone, it can be hard to see when they’re not quite right for you.

Aggressive or abusive behavior is a more common danger sign. However, it’s simple to overlook certain relationship red flags, like narcissistic and manipulative behavior and the old classic, gaslighting.

In the next section, we will talk about various red flags in relationships, why they’re so easy to overlook, and what to do if you spot them.

1. Repeated Lying

It’s not a great sign if you often catch your partner being dishonest. We’ve all been known to stretch the truth on occasion, but if your partner is often caught lying or is continuously being shady, that should raise some red flags.

Both big and little fibs count, such as lying about having a whole other significant other or simply being dishonest about who was on the phone. When one partner repeatedly deceives the other, it can prove difficult to create trust in the relationship and even erode the trust that has previously been built.

2. Consistent Criticism

Emotional abuse takes many forms, but one of the most damaging is when one partner constantly belittles or criticizes the other, no matter how subtle or covert the remarks may be.

Here are a few examples:

  • “You are lucky I’m sticking around because you’ll never do better.”
  • “You make such a fool of yourself every time you try to be funny.”

This red flag should be taken seriously since a study from 2013 found that victims of emotional abuse were more likely to suffer from serious depressive episodes and poor self-esteem than victims of physical abuse. You should talk to your partner about this behavior STAT; if they aren’t ready to accept responsibility or make changes, you might want to rethink your commitment to the partnership.

3. Refusal to Compromise

Be wary of moving forward with your relationship if the other person is unwilling to make even little concessions.

Relationships with people who always put themselves first can cause feelings of resentment, hurt, misunderstanding, and unhappiness for both sides. Relationships thrive when partners take into account each other’s wants and needs and recognize that compromise is mutually beneficial.

4. They Avoid Tough Conversations

A relationship might suffer if one of the partners is emotionally or behaviorally incapable of handling difficulties and instead chooses to avoid them.

Some signs include not listening to your side of an issue or going days without talking to you when situations become unpleasant.

Even the healthiest relationships hit potholes in the road from time to time, so it’s crucial to be with someone who will stick it through and talk things out with you rather than bolting.

5. They Are Socially Isolated

It’s a huge red flag if your partner doesn’t have any friends of their own. They may not have the social skills necessary to make and keep friends, which indicates a lack of social skills, a difficult attitude, or a negative view of life in general.

There’s also the risk that they’ll be excessively needy or possessive of your time if they don’t have any friends of their own. This could lead to resentment on their part if they don’t respect your need to enjoy time with your peers.

Final Thoughts

The best way to deal with red flags in a relationship is head-on, honestly, and fairly from the outset. Establish an open line of communication with your partner; express your worries and emotions, and listen to theirs.

Think about what you want, talk about it, and don’t let your feelings get the best of you. You might want to see a therapist or marriage counselor if you’re having problems.

Whether you’re experiencing lying, jealousy, or being put down, it’s important to take the issue seriously and consider how it could affect your relationship in the future.

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

Molly is an East Coast writer who lives on West Coast time. She’s been in the journalism field for over 20 years — newspapers are her first love but she’s finding digital media to be just as fun and challenging as print! When she’s not giving therapist-quality dating advice, she’s curled up watching movies, reading, or volunteering at local dog shelters.