Navigating the Dynamics of Dating an Alpha Male | A Beginner’s Guide

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At some point in their lives, most women have found themselves drawn to the idea of dating an alpha male—we can’t explain it; it just happens. Even if this man is not your typical “type,” it’s the moth to a flame effect.

There’s something captivating about him; he’s the center of attention in most scenarios without trying to be, always seems to say the right thing, makes those around him laugh, and his picture could be in the dictionary next to the definitions of confidence and charisma.

So if you find yourself matching with one on a dating app or already in a relationship with one, understand what to expect when dating one of these rare true alpha males, and need some help navigating the dynamics of such a relationship, we have a beginner’s guide just for you!

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Defining an Alpha Male

The terms “alpha male” and “alpha female” derive from studies of captive wolf packs, and despite debates about their applicability to wolves—the researchers pulled back on their theory—the concept and term have stuck around when describing certain human behaviors.

While categorizing people is complex, examining the traits associated with “alpha” can be insightful for understanding romantic relationships. Typically, alpha males are characterized as leaders, ambitious, proactive, decisive, confident, intelligent, motivated, and, above all, charming.

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Alpha Males’ Partner Preferences

There are conflicting views on an alpha male’s ideal partner—the most common belief is that alpha males prefer more passive women to avoid constant conflict, while others argue that too passive a partner might lead to unhappiness or boredom, as alpha males are drawn to equally confident and intelligent partners.

Ultimately, alpha males, like all humans, have different preferences when it comes to romantic partners. The most common stereotype is that alpha males are often attracted to those who are externally gentle (easy on the eyes and feminine) yet internally resilient (tough as nails on the inside).

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Alpha Male vs. Narcissist

Now, hold on before you consider dating an alpha male—you need to know a few things about the difference between a real alpha male and a man who is posing as one. And thankfully, they are easy to spot!

First off, alpha males will never say they are an alpha male. If a man loudly and often professes he is one, he is not. It’s like people saying, “I’m a really good person,” or “I’m a really great friend.” People who need to state these qualities out loud often are the opposite of what they claim to be—it’s a huge red flag.

Secondly, if they aren’t shouting from the rooftops that they are such an alpha male, you may not find out until later that what you initially clocked as confidence was just arrogance. This is especially problematic for young women who might be charmed by a seemingly charismatic alpha male masking his true nature. If this turns out to be the case, setting boundaries early on in the relationship is important if he ends up showing his true colors later on.

What Alpha Males Look for in a Romantic Partner

Understanding what alpha males want in a romantic partner and relationship is kind of key if you want to date one! Don’t worry; they’re not drastically different from other men in this area. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dating an alpha male:

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Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Alpha males often embody strong masculine energy, but this doesn’t imply they favor submissive partners. Instead, they are typically drawn to women who exude strong feminine energy—traits like openness, nurturing, and kindness—without losing their sense of self.

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Keep Your Independence

A common piece of advice is that a man, particularly an alpha, is attracted to a partner who leads their own life independently of him. So do your own thing and hang on to your own interests and social circles. This independence is always attractive and necessary for a healthy relationship.

be true to you

Be True to You

In a romantic relationship with a driven alpha male, never lose sight of your own identity. Trying to fit into an imagined ideal can easily backfire; be confident in who you are and what you bring to the relationship.

be supportive and communicative

Be Supportive and Communicative

While alpha males often take charge, they also want support and understanding—just like every other human being walking this earth. Being a good listener, empathizing with their challenges, and offering support is always important.

don't be a doormat

Don’t Be a Doormat

Don’t shy away from expressing your needs or disagreements—a healthy relationship involves two strong individuals who can advocate for themselves and respect each other—alpha, omega, or other.

The Pros of Dating an Alpha Male

Here are unmistakable signs you’re dating a true alpha male and the pros of snagging yourself a real one!

  • Confidence Level: 10: The allure of alpha males primarily comes from their unshakeable confidence. This confidence isn’t just appealing; it’s infectious. Around an alpha male, your own confidence levels are likely to soar. While he exudes strength and certainty, he, like anyone, needs affection and support.
  • Courageous to the Bone: Alpha males might seem utterly fearless, but, like everyone else, they experience doubts and concerns. Their true distinction lies in their resilience and determination to stand up for themselves, their loved ones, and even strangers, fighting for what they believe is right.
  • Thrives in the Spotlight: Alpha males are often at the heart of the action, whether in professional settings or social gatherings, attracting attention effortlessly. Their extroverted nature makes them natural crowd-pleasers.
  • Charisma Galore: Even those skeptical of alpha traits find themselves won over by their charisma. These men can discuss various topics, making everyone around them feel acknowledged and special.
  • Fierce Protector: Alpha males have a protective streak. They avoid starting conflicts but will stand their ground and defend their loved ones if needed. This protective nature extends to small acts of care and concern.
  • Assertiveness, Not Aggression: While direct and clear in communication, a true alpha male’s assertiveness never crosses into rudeness or domination. He speaks his mind respectfully and isn’t deterred by potential challenges.
  • Real and Independent: Following the crowd isn’t in an alpha male’s nature. Confident in his skin, he often sets the trends rather than following them and stays unbothered by the need for external validation.
  • Natural Leader: Alpha males naturally take the helm, whether in professional scenarios or in personal endeavors. Their leadership is rarely about exerting control but about inspiring and influencing others organically.
  • Chivalrous Nature: Chivalry is a prominent trait, with alpha males often going out of their way to please and care for the women in their lives, combining strength with a touch of traditional romance.
  • Self-Aware: A significant strength of alpha males is their self-awareness. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and strive to improve, making them well-rounded romantic relationship partners.
  • Direct and Honest: Alpha males are known for their straightforward nature. They prefer honesty over sugarcoating, facing mistakes head-on, and moving forward with integrity.
  • Driven and Goal-Oriented: These men are planners with clear goals, exhibiting relentless drive and discipline in all life aspects, including career, personal development, and relationships.
  • They Look Good: Look, we know this is shallow, but alpha males are easy on the eyes, as being in tip-top physical shape and personal grooming are priorities for them. They lead an active lifestyle and take pride in their appearance, and it shows.
  • High Personal Standards: Alpha males set high standards for themselves and those around them. This trait can be daunting but also inspiring, pushing you to reach your highest potential alongside them.
  • Rarely Complains: Optimism and a positive mindset characterize alpha males. They prefer finding solutions over complaining, maintaining an encouraging atmosphere even during challenging times.

The Cons of Dating an Alpha Male

Even if you are dating a true alpha male, that doesn’t automatically make them a decent person! Be aware of these potential cons of dating one. Even if you think you’re with an alpha male, these signs could indicate you’re dealing with someone abusive or narcissistic—alpha male or not.

  • Overly Possessive: Being protective is one thing, but excessive territorial behavior is a concern. It may seem super romantic at first, but this possessiveness can feel suffocating and all-encompassing over time. A partner who restricts your independence and treats you as an extension of their domain is unhealthy.
  • Controlling Tendencies: While a true alpha male is decisive, beware if this turns into an urge to micromanage every aspect of your life. From dictating your fashion choices to career decisions, such control is not a sign of strength but insecurity. Opposition might lead to his withdrawal or anger.
  • Demeaning Attitude: Strength doesn’t mean belittling others. If he’s constantly putting you down or using fear and intimidation, this isn’t alpha behavior; it’s abuse. A genuine alpha male will encourage your strength, not undermine it.
  • Emotional Unavailability: If he is incapable of opening up, discussing feelings, or showing empathy, these are big obstacles to forming a healthy and happy relationship. Communication is key, and a partner who disregards your feelings or is uncommunicative can be a serious issue.

In a relationship, it’s crucial to recognize these warning signs. A partner who disrespects you is excessively jealous, has uncontrollable anger, or constantly criticizes you is not displaying alpha qualities but rather toxic, potentially dangerous behavior.

Last Thoughts

Dating an alpha male is not that much different from regular dating, although you may have some competition—people are inexplicably drawn to these effortlessly charming bros. Just remember that a real man, alpha or not, will treat you how you deserve to be treated, and don’t get hung up on the terms. As long as you are with someone who makes you happy, does it really matter if he could lead a wolfpack?

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

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