The New Language of Love | Decoding Texts and Emojis in Relationships

man using emojis

When it comes to text-speak, the sky wink emoji 😉 can have multiple interpretations—from showing romantic interest to jokingly offsetting a somewhat risqué comment.

Gone are the old, traditional methods of courtship like handwritten letters and intimate first dates—they’ve been, for the most part, replaced by the quick-paced, emoji-laden DMs in the world of online dating apps. And if you don’t understand the subtle nuances of these lil’ digital icons, you can get lost. You want to be able to decipher what the other person is “saying” when it comes to emojis. And to do that, you’ll need to understand the new language of love—decoding texts and emojis in relationships.

You don’t need to be fluent or an emoji expert. While they are basically a language of their own for avid users, a basic understanding is super important to interpret their meanings in your text exchanges.

It’s not an alien 👽 dialect, so don’t panic—you can improve your knowledge of emoticons so you don’t get left behind in the modern world of love!

What Are Emojis?

Emojis serve as the adorable (or lazy, depending on your viewpoint) shorthand in dating apps. If you decide to use them, do it with a little panache, creativity, and sincerity, and, above all, use them in moderation. Used correctly, emojis can add a little bit of fun to your texts. They offer a different means of expression in the big ol’ world of online dating—sometimes even acting as a conversational lifeline if you aren’t a wordsmith.

Emojis play a big part in online flirting, serving as the staple diet of modern romantic interactions. They’ve replaced poetic love verses, firmly establishing themselves in today’s dating culture—the little pictures are here to stay. So, grab a cup of coffee ☕, and let’s take a comprehensive look at the playful and interesting universe of emoji-based flirtation when it comes to texts.


The Classics: 😍, 😘, and 😉

These emojis are the first foundational symbols in the emoji romance playbook. They’re just right for those just starting to experiment with using emojis.

  • 😍 (Heart Eyes): A digital love song.
  • 😘 (Kissing Face): A virtual kiss, open to interpretation based on the context.
  • 😉 (Winking Face): A multi-purpose emoji, but use it with caution—it can be misinterpreted.

The Foodie Flirt: 🍑, 🍆, and 🌮

These are for those who want to kick things up a notch, so if you are feeling a little daring, pick one one of these, but use them with caution:

  • 🍑 (Peach): Could mean a fondness for the fruit, or, well, something cheekier.
  • 🍆 (Eggplant): More than a recipe suggestion—its meaning is universally understood.
  • 🌮 (Taco): A riddle wrapped in a hard shell, open to interpretation kinda like your intentions or emotions.

The Exotic Ensemble: 🦄, 🚀, and 🌈

For the bold and adventurous in flirting, these emojis offer a unique spin:

  • 🦄 (Unicorn): Signifying uniqueness or just a love for mythical creatures.
  • 🚀 (Rocket): Expresses readiness for an adventure or maybe just a fascination with space exploration.
  • 🌈 (Rainbow): Symbolizing optimism, LGBTQ+ pride, or simply a love for pretty rainbows.

The Cryptic Cluster: 🍕, 👻, and 💃

These emojis add a twist, setting off potential curiosity:

  • 🍕 (Pizza): Either a cheesy pun or an invitation for a pizza date.
  • 👻 (Ghost): Playful or ominous? Or hinting at ghosting?
  • 💃 (Dancer): Often ambiguous, usually related to dancing.
danger zone

The Danger Zone: 🍼, 🍷, and 💍

Use these emojis cautiously; they might hint at much deeper commitments:

  • 🍼 (Baby Bottle): Hinting at nurturing the relationship or hinting at future family plans.
  • 🍷 (Wine): This could imply a sophisticated date or a penchant for wine.
  • 💍 (Ring): Maybe a proposal or just a nod to a favorite movie trilogy (The Lord of the Rings, for those who don’t know).

The Art of Emoji Combos

Combining emojis to tell a story is an art form in itself, such as:

  • 🎵🍷🌹😘: “How about an evening with music, wine, and roses?”
  • 🍕🎥🛋💕: Proposing a movie night on the couch, with pizza, of course.
nature lover

The Nature Lovers: 🌸, 🌊, and 🌲

For the romantics who bring the beauty of nature into digital conversations:

  • 🌸 (Cherry Blossom): Symbolizes a budding relationship or a passion for Japanese culture.
  • 🌊 (Wave): Going with the flow or expressing a love for the ocean.
  • 🌲 (Evergreen Tree): Representing longevity in a relationship or a love for the festive season.
high roller

The High-Rollers: 💰, 🎲, and 🎰

For those who enjoy taking risks in love:

  • 💰 (Money Bag): Indicating an investment in the relationship or flaunting wealth.
  • 🎲 (Dice): This is a possible way of saying you’re taking a chance on love or a game night.
  • 🎰 (Slot Machine): Signifying a big win or possibly just luck.

The Globetrotters: 🌍, ✈️, and 🗺️

For those who dream of love without boundaries:

  • 🌍 (Earth Globe): Expressing limitless love or hinting at travel plans.
  • ✈️ (Airplane): Elevating the relationship to new heights or indicating travel.
  • 🗺️ (World Map): Symbolizing endless possibilities or seeking direction in the relationship.

The Drama Queens and Kings: 🎭, 🎥, and 🌟

For those who view love as a cinematic experience:

  • 🎭 (Performing Arts): Setting the stage for romance or indicating a dramatic life.
  • 🎥 (Movie Camera): Ready for a relationship in the spotlight or just for social media.
  • 🌟 (Star): Signifying a starring role in your life or a love for astronomy.
out of the box

The Out of the Box: 🦖, 👾, and 🚀

Unique emojis for capturing attention or causing confusion:

  • 🦖 (T-Rex): Indicating enduring love or suggesting it’s already extinct.
  • 👾 (Alien Monster): Represents otherworldly charm or geeky interests.
  • 🚀 (Rocket): Reiterating an adventurous spirit or a fascination with space.

Final Takeaways

The emoji universe is huge and ever-changing. With each software update, we get new symbols to level up our online flirting.

Remember, context and timing are key with emojis. They can add depth to your conversations but can lead to misunderstandings if used carelessly. Be thoughtful, creative, and, most importantly, be yourself. That’s the real secret to winning someone’s heart.

So, use your inner emoji artist. Your perfect match or one-of-a-kind 👩‍❤️‍👨 might be just an emoji away!