Thursday Dating App Review for 2024

Amid the online dating frenzy, a bold platform has emerged with an even bolder strategy—it only works on one day of the week. That’s right, the Thursday dating app is only operational on Thursdays. Is this a smart strategy? Are we saying “clever girl” in an Aussie accent, just like Sam Neil says to the velociraptor in Jurassic Park? You bet we are.

While the singular approach of the Thursday dating app might sound a tad restrictive, it’s actually quite brilliant—encouraging users to cut to the chase and meet in real life, all within a 24-hour window. We love that. And the platform’s philosophy takes swiping fatigue out of the equation.

One day per week aside, has Thursday kept up with the times for 2024? With the industry always shifting and user demands increasing, keeping up is no small feat, so let’s find out!

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What’s New for Thursday in 2024

2024 brings some cool new tweaks to the Thursday Dating App, making it even more fun and easy to use. This year, Thursday is all about giving users more control and better ways to connect, making each Thursday something to really look forward to.

First up, thanks to better profile customization, users now have more ways to show who they are and what they’re into. This means the app does a better job of matching you with people who share your vibes and interests.

Thursday is also ramping up its in-person events. Think concerts, outdoor fun, and other cool activities where you can meet people face-to-face in a relaxed setting. It’s a great way to break the ice and see if there’s a spark.

And here’s a game-changer: the new “ghost” feature. Want to take a break without deleting your dating app profile? Now, you can go invisible on the app whenever you feel like it. This means you can take some time out without missing out.

All these updates are about making Thursday better for everyone, with more ways to find a match and have fun while doing it!

Pros and Cons

The Thursday Dating App really does bring a fresh approach to finding compatible connections online—we aren’t just saying that. By mixing once-a-week swiping with IRL events, it’s a kind of hybrid dating app that stands out in an over-saturated market. But just like any app, it has its highs and lows, and being aware of what these are can help you figure out if Thursday is the right match for your dating style and love life.


  • Fun Concept: Only being active one day a week creates a sense of anticipation and urgency, making the dating process more focused and exciting.
  • Real-Life Events: Thursday’s commitment to organizing events offers a wonderful way to meet people in a natural and fun setting, which is great for those who prefer face-to-face interactions.
  • Profile Customization and Matching: Better personalization options and smarter algorithms mean better matches based on real interests and preferences.
  • “Ghost” Feature: The ability to become invisible on the app is perfect for those times when you want a break without completely disappearing from the dating scene.


  • Limited Availability: Being operational only on Thursdays might not fit everyone’s schedule, especially for those who find that day particularly busy or stressful.
  • Pressure to Act Fast: The app’s one-day window can feel rushed for some, potentially leading to hasty decisions or missed connections.
  • Event Accessibility: While the events are a major draw, they are limited to certain cities, which might exclude users in smaller towns or remote areas.
  • Thirsty Thursdays: With all activity concentrated on one day, the app can feel like a lot to deal with—it could be hard to keep up with messages and matches.

Thursday is ideal for the busy professional who wants to dedicate specific time to dating without it overtaking their week. It’s also great for social butterflies looking for new and interesting ways to meet people. If you love the idea of mixing online swiping with real-world interactions and appreciate having a “pause” button on your dating life, Thursday could be your perfect match. However, if you prefer a more laid-back approach or live outside major cities, you might find its limitations a bit challenging.

Signing Up and Getting Started with Thursday

Want something to look forward to every week? Then you should def try the Thursday dating app! The sign-up process and getting started on the platform is easy and quick; just follow the steps below and wait for Thursday to roll around.

  • Step 1: Download the App – Grab your mobile device and download the Thursday dating app from your preferred App Store—it’s available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Step 2: Sign Up & Create Your Profile – Next, choose your sign-in method (Apple, Facebook, Google, or email). Then enter your basic details like your name, birthday, email, gender, the gender you’re looking to meet, and their age range.
  • Step 3: Upload Photos & Verify Your Identity – Pick out your best photos, upload them to your dating profile, and then verify your identity by taking a verification selfie (don’t worry about how you look; it’ll never be shown to another soul).
  • Step 4: Explore the App – If it’s not Thursday, you’re gonna have to wait to make any moves, so take some time to get familiar with the layout. Look around and explore any upcoming events near you!

Now, if you’re wondering about any lengthy compatibility quizzes or personality tests on the Thursday dating app—there aren’t any! The app truly believes in the spontaneity of connections without the need for psychological analysis.

User Experience and Interface

The Thursday Dating App’s user experience and interface. is clean and straightforward, guaranteeing that users can navigate the app with zero confusion.

The main features—profile setup, match discovery, and messaging—are easily accessible, making the user voyage smooth from start to finish. This approach to design prioritizes functionality, helping users engage with the app’s novel one-day-only concept successfully.

When compared to Thursday’s earlier versions, the current iteration of the app showcases a more refined user interface, highlighting an evolution towards user-centric design. The improvements are noticeable in how quickly one can get accustomed to the app’s layout and functionalities.

Thursday App Mobile

In comparison with competitors, Thursday offers a less cluttered experience. Where some dating apps can be overwhelming or complicated with too many features and options, Thursday keeps it super simple. This simplicity is key in helping users focus on the goal of connecting with others without any unnecessary bells and whistles that can sometimes complicate online dating.

Honorable app feature mention: We love the feature shown in the image; just give your phone a little shake if you encounter any problems on the app to report them!

Thursday’s Matchmaking and Search Functionality

The Thursday Dating App brings a one-off spin to the matchmaking process, with the goal of making every Thursday an opportunity for users to connect with someone special. Its effectiveness and the variety of search filters and customization options play a big role in shaping user experiences on the app. How does Thursday’s matchmaking algorithm and search functionality stand up to scrutiny? Read on to find out!

Effectiveness of the Matchmaking Algorithm

Thursday’s matchmaking algorithm is designed with the app’s novel one-day-a-week usage in mind, focusing on creating meaningful connections within a condensed time frame. This urgency adds a go-getting layer to the matchmaking process, encouraging singles actually to act—they have to make decisions way quicker than they do on other apps. The algorithm prioritizes matches based on common interests, location proximity, and user activity, meaning that recommendations are relevant and have the potential for offline interaction ASAP.

What sets Thursday apart is its emphasis on spontaneity and real-life meetups, and its algorithm supports this by boosting profiles that are actively seeking dates for that day, making it more likely for users to find a match who’s ready to meet up and meet up soon. This focus on immediacy really does amplify the matchmaking effectiveness for users who want to make the most of their Thursdays!

Search Filters and Customization

Thursday offers a range of search filters and customization options so users can tailor their experience to their preferences. Users can adjust settings based on age range, dating intentions, height, gender, distance, and interests, which helps narrow potential matches to those matching their dating criteria. Additionally, the app provides options to filter matches by activity level on the app, meaning users can connect with others who want to take it offline post haste.

Singles also have the ability to set preferences for the types of events they are interested in attending, which ties into Thursday’s solitary selling proposition of opening the door for IRL interactions. This means that users can be matched not just based on personal attributes but also on common interests in specific activities, increasing the chances of a successful and fun meetup.

Another interesting aspect of the app that we simply must mention is that all stories, chats, and matches vanish at the stroke of midnight every Thursday. Poof! They are gone.

The Thursday Dating App’s matchmaking algorithm and search functionalities are all crafted to support its concept, emphasizing quick, meaningful connections and real-life interactions.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The Thursday dating app is really online when it comes to their social media game, and their Instagram account has adorable success stories and testimonials from loved-up couples who met on the platform—and then met on a Thursday. Here are some of our faves!

While we love these success stories from the Thursday Dating App, we have to issue a disclaimer: they represent the best-case scenarios of users who leverage the app’s features to their full advantage, so it’s important for potential users to know that these stories may not be everyone’s experience— they vary, and success on the app always depends on a mix of effort, timing, and sometimes, a little bit of Cupid’s luck.

Pricing and Membership Options

If you want to get the most out of Thursday, upgrading to a premium membership is a smart move! The platform offers a choice between three distinct VIP subscription tiers, each designed to cater to different preferences and dating strategies.

These tiers include a 1-month plan, a more extended 3-month option, and the longest, a 6-month package. The pricing is set to accommodate various budgets and commitment levels, with costs tailored to reflect the duration of the subscription: $19.99 for one month, $39.99 for three months, and $53.99 for six months. As the length of the subscription increases, the monthly cost decreases, making the 6-month option the most economical per month.

Total Cost: $19.99
Thursday VIP 1 Month
$1999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $39.99
Thursday VIP 3 Months
$1333 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $53.99
Thursday VIP 6 Months
$899 Monthly Select Plan

Each of these tiers unlocks a suite of features that will amplify your dating experience—subscribers gain access to unlimited likes (a significant leap from the 10 likes allocated to free users), 5 love keys every week for unlocking special matches, an option to browse in “Ghost” mode for those who prefer to keep their explorations on the down low, and profile boosts to increase visibility among potential matches.

And, of course, there is a free basic plan for those who aren’t ready to commit to paying for the app! It’s actually a pretty generous freemium version—users can match and message with others but are limited to 10 likes.

Considering the noteworthy features and benefits that come with Thursday Dating App’s VIP membership—like unlimited likes, weekly love keys, “Ghost” mode, and profile boosts—the cost of a premium subscription is well justified, in our opinion!

These perks really do boost the user experience, offering more opportunities for connections and interactions. The tiered pricing structure, ranging from a month to six months, provides flexibility and value tailored to different user needs and commitment levels. So, for those looking to make the most of their dating life on Thursday (and on the actual day of the week), we think a premium membership is well worth it.

Security and Privacy Features at Happn

Safety and security is kind of a big deal online, especially on dating platforms, and the Thursday dating app has implemented a series of measures that protect its community. Let’s take a gander at these measures and compare them to what’s generally expected in the industry.

Thursday is committed to creating a secure environment for its users through the following central safety initiatives:

  • Verification Process: Thursday introduces a user verification process to combat fake profiles upon sign-up. This means less catfishing and more real potential matches!
  • Data Encryption: The app employs state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard users’ sensitive personal and financial info. This level of data protection is a standard practice across the industry, obviously.
  • Privacy Controls: Users have considerable control over their privacy on Thursday, with settings that allow them to dictate who sees their profiles and how their data is used. This level of control goes beyond the basic privacy measures offered by many competitors, giving users more power over their online presence.
  • Anonymous Browsing: For those opting for the VIP membership, the “Ghost” mode allows users to browse profiles anonymously.

How Thursday Stacks Up Against Industry Standards

Comparing Thursday’s security and privacy features with industry benchmarks, it’s clear that the app takes user protection super seriously. The verification process and use of encryption align with common practices among top dating apps. But Thursday goes the extra mile with increased privacy controls and the option for anonymous browsing, offering users a more secure and private way to date online.

These initiatives show Thursday’s dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the safety and privacy expectations of its users.

Thursday Dating App demonstrates a strong commitment to the security and privacy of its users, employing measures that correspond with industry standards while also introducing additional features for even more protection.

Customer Support and Resources

We all know how important good customer support is, and so does the Thursday Dating App. Even though there is no live support, which we always want to be available to users, what the platform does have is actually pretty great. Why? Well, see for yourself below!

Thursday delivers when it comes to helpful and kind customer service with in-app support, email communication, and a super detailed FAQ section. And the app is applauded for its responsive support team, which quickly addresses user inquiries and issues, reflecting the platform’s commitment to a positive user experience. When we reached out via email ( with a question, we got an answer in under 15 minutes—that’s pretty darn fast!

Comprehensive Resources

The app doesn’t just stop at helping users solve any issues; it provides users with a ton of valuable resources to help them with their dating life. These include:

  • Safety Guidelines: Understanding the importance of security, Thursday provides lots of tips to navigate the on and offline dating world safely.
  • Dating Advice: Users can access insights and advice on creating meaningful connections, from optimizing profiles to crafting icebreakers and conversation starters.

Unique Support Features

Thursday innovates with special support features that level up user engagement and satisfaction:

  • Community Feedback Loop: The app actively solicits user feedback to refine its features and user interface, showing a strong commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Event Support: Since Thursday hosts live events, they offer dedicated support to make sure these gatherings are fun and go off without a hitch. This direct interaction with the community underlines Thursday’s commitment to creating real-world connections.

When compared to dating app industry norms, Thursday’s proactive customer support and the span of resources it provides position the app as a leader in user care. The platform goes above and beyond to create a supportive, engaging, and safe environment for its users—we were impressed!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Time to put the finishing touches on our complete review of the Thursday Dating App! In our opinion, it’s clear that this platform has landed itself a nice little in the 2024 dating landscape. With its one-day-a-week concept, Thursday coaxes users to focus on making real, meaningful connections, setting it well apart from the constant swiping culture that is so prevalent in other dating apps currently on the market. Let’s do a brief wrap-up of what we learned about it!

The Recap

  • User Experience and Interface: Thursday offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use, allowing users to navigate the app effortlessly and focus on what really matters: connecting with others.
  • Pricing and Membership Options: The app provides tiered VIP membership plans that offer enhanced features like unlimited likes, profile boosts, and “Ghost” mode, delivering value for those looking to invest in their dating journey. The cost of these plans is justified by the tangible benefits they provide, catering to a range of user needs and preferences.
  • Security and Privacy Features: Thursday takes user safety seriously, employing verification processes, data encryption, and privacy controls to protect users. These measures place it on par with, or dare we say, even ahead of, industry standards for online dating safety.
  • Customer Support and Resources: With responsive customer service and a wealth of resources for safe and successful dating, Thursday demonstrates a strong commitment to user satisfaction and support.

The Verdict

To us and its users, the Thursday dating app really is a diamond in the rough in 2024’s dating app scene. Its once-a-week concept is a really clever way to cut through the noise, offering an evening of excitement and possibility every single week. It’s perfect for those who love the idea of dating but want to avoid the superficial swipe game and conversations that go nowhere, which are pretty common on other dating platforms.

Yes, the idea of focusing all of your dating energy on one day of the week might not be for everyone. Some will see it as limiting, and we get that! But others will appreciate the simplicity and focus it brings to their search for someone special.

We think Thursday is an absolutely charming dating app, especially for those looking to cut through the BS and meet IRL—we love the concept and think you will, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our curated FAQ section, where we spell out the basics about the Thursday Dating App. Below are the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten from our readers about this uncommon (we mean this as a compliment) platform!

What Is the Thursday Dating App?

That’s an easy one! The Thursday dating app has two goals: to minimize the endless swiping on dating apps by being active only one day a week, Thursday, and to connect you with someone special.

Its rare approach means that everyone using the app is available to meet that same day, which is a great way to urge real-life interactions. The entire premise is that if you’re on the app on Thursday, you’re ready to go out on a date!

Exactly How Does the Thursday Dating App Work?

The Thursday Dating App operates on a once-a-week schedule, hence the name. Before Thursday, all you’ll see is a countdown; there are no dating app profiles to browse through. Then, when Thursday rolls around, it’s on—you’ll see potential matches who are ready and able to go out that day or night. And to influence IRL interactions, any matches and messages you have will disappear at midnight. No pressure or anything!

Is the Thursday Dating App Legit?

Of course, it is! The Thursday Dating App is a legitimate platform for online dating— it has a presence in multiple cities around the world and hosts exclusive events for singles. Thursday provides a safe and refreshing option for those looking to date in a more meaningful and time-efficient way.

Can I Use the Thursday Dating App for Free?

Yep! The Thursday Dating App is free for matching and messaging on Thursdays. However, you’re restricted to only 10 likes and can view only up to 200 profiles each Thursday. For those looking to boost their experience, there’s an option to go Premium. This upgrade increases your profile’s visibility by up to 60 times, allows for unlimited likes every Thursday, and gives you 5 love keys to continue conversations.

Do Thursday Dating App Premium Memberships Automatically Renew?

They do! All three tiers of premium subscriptions are set to automatically renew when they expire for the same price and duration as your initial purchase.

How Do I Cancel My Thursday Dating App Premium Membership?

If you want to cancel your premium membership, just follow these steps:

For iPhone Users:
• In your settings, go to your subscriptions
• Click on Thursday
• Hit “Cancel Subscription”

For Android Users:
• Navigate to your Google Play Account
• Go to your subscriptions
• Click on the Thursday App
• Tap “Cancel”
• Follow the on-screen prompts

What Are Thursday Dating App ‘Events’’?

Thursday dating app “Events” are real-life, exclusive gatherings in your city, designed solely for singles. They are laid-back affairs without the stress of speed dating or the distraction of apps—just a bar filled with singles who want to meet other compatible singles.

Offering an alternative to members’ clubs and the swipe-right routine, it’s also a great way to see your city while meeting potential matches! With a presence in 60 cities worldwide, each event is driven by the same goal: to kindle real, offline connections between singles in a face-to-face setting.

Is the Thursday Dating App Safe?

Yes! Thursday prioritizes user safety and privacy with several measures, including a rigorous verification process upon sign-up to minimize fake profiles and promote authenticity. The app also employs encryption to protect personal data and offers privacy settings that allow users to control their visibility and who can contact them. These steps ensure a secure and respectful environment for making connections.

Can I Still Message with Matches on Thursday After Midnight?

Nope! Matches and messages on the Thursday app expire at midnight on Thursday to encourage users to take their convos off the app and into real life. If you want to keep in touch with someone after your match expires, you better exchange contact info before it strikes midnight—you’re like Cinderella on this platform.

Does Thursday Have Features to Help Make the First Move Easier?

It does! Thursday tries to make dating as easy as possible by providing features like “love keys” for Premium Members, which can unlock conversations and help you initiate contact. The app also has various cute prompts and icebreakers to help start conversations, making it a little less stressful for users to make the first move.

Get Started Today

If you want to change up your everyday dating routine and are curious about how it could transform your Thursdays into a chance to meet the love of your life, you should download the app and give it a go! The only thing you have to lose is a few hours of a Thursday night, but you stand to gain a potential soulmate. That’s a pretty great bargain if we say so ourselves.

  • To take the Thursday Dating App for a test drive, you can sign up by clicking here!
  • For more information on other platforms and insights into what else is offered out there, you can view all of our dating app reviews.

The online dating world is practically limitless, and finding the right platform can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a break from the every day or just want to know if Thursday can change your outlook, there’s never been a better time to see just what this app has to offer. So, why wait? Your Thursday adventure could start right now! Or next Thursday if you are reading this on any other day of the week 😉