Great Flirting Questions to Ask a Girl

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A lot of guys have a rough time keeping the conversation afloat with a girl that they are trying to impress. The struggle is real when it comes to texting or talking via online dating apps but it is even more intense and apparent when talking face-to-face! This is why all guys should come prepared with some great flirting questions to ask a girl!

One of the greatest keys to asking a girl flirty questions is keeping the attention focused on them. Ask them questions where they have to talk about themselves. In as much as it is keeping the burden of conversation off of you, it is also your prime opportunity to put on your listening ears and learn as much as you can about this girl.

You’re well on your way to a great relationship, but definitely keep some of these great flirting questions in mind, whether you’re talking online with a girl you just met or out on your first date!

#1: What Are Three Things That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile?

Here is a great flirty question to ask as a girl as you do some fact-finding about your date. If you can get to know what makes her happy or what she finds humorous, that will only serve to benefit you in the future. The more that you can make in her smile, the stronger the relationship will grow! We suggest asking for three or more reasons because this will allow her to give a varied response. This will extend the conversation to fill the time in better, but you can better pinpoint the things that make her happy when you have a wider range of aspects to work with as well.

You can introduce some light flirting here by telling your date that you will need to keep these three things in mind! She might like that. Or you could go the subtle route and keep them in the back of your mind to use during a future date or for a surprise!

#2: There’s Something Special About You That I Have Not Figured Out Yet. Can You Enlighten Me?

This is a question that opens up all sorts of conversation on her end and gives you to chance to offer her a compliment right out of the gate. By asking this question, you are showing your interest in her and letting her know that there is something about her that made her stand out to you.

And, of course, here is your chance to actively listen as she tells you more about herself and what she might suspect has made here appealing and attractive to you. This is prime time for some flirty back-and-forth between the two of you, so be ready to pull out some more flirty questions out of your arsenal when the opportunity arises.

#3: Are You Feeling Adventurous?

Who isn’t up for some adventure in their free time? Asking this question is a great way to find out what your date considers adventurous and how open they are to spontaneity. It can set you up as a man of unexpected twists and turns which is something that can really intrigue your date!

But you need to have some sort of adventure planned out and ready to go!

A lot of dating experts suggest that first dates can be kept fun and exciting by spreading out the date over two locations. You initially meet in the first location and then suggest to your date that you should head somewhere else. Of course, you have the second location all planned out!

Winery Tour Date
Karaoke Date
Cooking Class Date
Arcade Date

By asking this flirty question, you are creating the perfect segue into the second phase of the date. This will keep things interesting for your date, offering them a change of scenery and keeping them in anticipation as to what is next!

#4: What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve? I’m Asking Because I Want to Completely Steer Clear of That!

You don’t necessarily have to include the tagline after the question, but it does reveal you to be a guy who is considerate of how you date feels. And there is some humor in there too which can show your funnier side. And hey, if you can side-step the fallout of hurt feelings and avoid arguments at a future point, that is always a good thing.

Again, with this question, you are allowing your date to talk about themselves, and you have the opportunity to continue learning about them. Some girls love talking about things that get under their skin so there a good chance that she can keep the conversation going by telling some funny or interesting stories.

#5: Describe Your Ideal Evening to Me

While it is a not a question, this is an excellent flirty prompt that you should definitely try out on a girl you are trying to impress. You are probably noticing that a lot of the great flirting questions we are suggesting are centered around getting to know your date as much as possible. And this prompt keeps up with that trend.

This flirty question to ask a girl can allow you to know what your date does in the evening to unwind after a hard day or what pleasures that might enjoy now that they have a moment to relax.

  • Find out if your date likes to watch Netflix with a glass of wine or beer in hand. Maybe she likes to read novels or play an instrument.
  • There are some girls who might stay out on a free evening. Maybe they like to hang out with friends or coworkers at a local club or bar. Maybe they volunteer their time in the evenings at a shelter, soup kitchen, or church.

Asking a girl about her ideal evening can give you some ideas for dates in the future and can give you some insight into the things that she enjoys in life when things are quiet and less hectic. Again, this is a great fact-finding, flirty question. And you can begin planning out how you could possibly fit into her evening plans going forward!

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