Hilarious Valentine’s Memes to Enjoy

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Feb. 14, a day that is dedicated to love, is a surprisingly thorny issue for some! Valentine’s Day is the most divisive holiday—whether you’re in a relationship, casually dating, or single, people have strong feelings about the date.

We get it! If you’re single, the holiday can be lonely. On the flip side, if you’re booed up, you have to worry about getting the gift right. In honor of St. Valentine and Cupid, we rounded up a collection of funny Valentine memes that run the gambit of feels for you—whether you’re excited about celebrating with your partner or dreading the day, they are all relatable!

Brace yourselves the Valentine's memes are coming

expectation vs reality

Expectation vs. Reality

As a couple, you may have big plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, including a candlelight dinner on the beach. But you may not live near a beach or have access to a resort-type setup, let alone a private waitstaff to serve you! But the reality doesn’t have to be a letdown—McDonalds is not only budget-friendly but tasty! And the candlelight pic on your phone counts!

here's how you know it's valentines day

Here’s How You Know It’s Valentine’s Day

This one is for all of you procrastinating fellas—when you see a line wrapped around a Hallmark store or a bunch of dudes crowding the card section on Feb. 14, you don’t even need to check the date.

when you see another bouquet of flowers posted on instagram

When You See Another Bouquet of Flowers Posted on Instagram

Opening up IG on Feb. 14 looks like a florist exploded on your feed—and for those cynics out there, Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada eloquently throws the side-eyed shade you’re feeling.

when someone tells me to try a dating app

When Someone Tells Me To Try a Dating App So I Can Have a Date on Valentines 

Hey! Trying a dating app can work for finding a Valentine! But we understand the sentiment, and so does the meme of Robert Downey Jr. over-dramatically rolling his eyes. 

what are your plans for valentines day

“What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?” “I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist.”

Single and feeling a little blue? This Harry Potter meme has got you covered while you are in your bedroom under your covers.

is netflix a valentine

Is Netflix a Valentine?

Oh, Patrick, you lovable dummy. But seriously, is Netflix a Valentine if you are binging a show on Feb. 14? Asking for a friend, of course.

planning on putting faux engagement rings

Planning on putting faux engagement rings in couples drinks on Valentine’s Day and watching the magic unfold…

This is wicked…and wickedly funny to imagine. No one should ever do this, but the thought of it and watching the confusion and chaos that followed has us laughing a little too hard.

valentines day han solo

I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day Han’s Style…Solo

Single and not exactly ready to mingle? There is no shame in that! As this Star Wars Han Solo-themed meme shows, it’s cool to be by your lonesome.

geico valentines day

Just Saved Tons of Money on Valentine’s Day By Switching to Single

This lovable little Geico lizard (gecko?) advises you to get rid of your significant other before the big day by dumping them. We don’t agree with his stance, but you can’t deny it’s funny and frugal!

sound of music valentines day

Look At All This Crap I Don’t Have to Buy

🎶The hills are alive 🎶 with the sound of single. Take it from Maria: your bank account will stay in the black if you are on your own on V-day. Look how happy she is, spinning around in the candy and card aisle, knowing she doesn’t have to spend a dime!


We hope you got a few giggles from our fav Valentine’s Day memes! No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, it’s just a day, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partner. For couples, the only thing that matters is if you’re happy together. And for all you singles, don’t worry—the 24 hours goes quickly, and then you have 365 days until the next one rolls around.

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

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