Election Night Dates: Creative Ideas for Politically-Charged Romance

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It’s almost that time—election night. Okay, it’s months away, but it’ll be here before you know it, and if you want to mix a little romance into the political equation, you can plan an election night date!

When election night finally does roll around, the air will be thick with anticipation, excitement, and, for many, a fair share of nerves and even hostility. It’s a night that completely takes over the attention of the nation, making it an unconventional backdrop for a romantic date. For those couples who share a passion for politics, or even for those who find themselves on opposite ends of the political spectrum and are daring enough, combining civic engagement with some romance can turn election night into a night to remember. We put together some inventive date night ideas that mix politics with a touch of amour.


1. Debate Night-In

Turn your living room into a debate stage, just without the bright lights, cameras, professional moderators, and podiums. Instead of the usual election coverage, challenge each other to friendly debates on non-political topics such as “Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping?” (FYI, is it not) or “Which is better: classic movies or reboots?” Prepare a few topics in advance and take turns playing the debater and the moderator.

To keep things interesting, you can also impersonate famous historical figures or celebrities during your debates. This activity is a nice and much-needed break from the seriousness of election night—you can both laugh, learn, and love during an exchange of ideas. Keep score and let the winner choose what movie or show you’re going to watch next or pick the next date night activity. This alternative to obsessively watching election coverage keeps the evening light and interactive.

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2. Political Trivia Challenge

Add a competitive edge to your election night with a political trivia challenge. You can make a list of trivia questions related to past elections, political history, or fun facts about American presidents. If it’s a group thing, you can play in teams, or if it’s just the two of you, challenge each other—maybe with some creative stakes set for the winner. Whether it’s deciding on the next vacation spot or choosing a sassy dare, a political trivia challenge not only makes election night more interesting but also acknowledges and celebrates your interest in politics.

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3. Bipartisan Bake-Off

For couples who love to spend their time in the kitchen, why not challenge each other to a bipartisan bake-off? Each partner can choose a dessert that somehow represents their political leanings or the spirit of democracy. You can listen to or watch live election coverage as you bake, making the kitchen the culinary and political activity epicenter. This activity is a sweet (and tasty, depending on your baking skills) reminder that you can come together to create something delicious, even when you are on opposing sides when it comes to politics.

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4. “Swing State” Wine or Beer Tasting

Go on a “swing state” wine or beer-tasting trip while you’re watching Steve Kornacki break down election night coverage! Choose a variety of wines or beers from states known for their swing states in elections, like Wisconsin (Pabst Blue Ribbon was born in Wisconsin). As you sample each one, you can talk about the characteristics of the state it represents, its historical voting patterns, and predictions for the night. This date idea is a nice blend of sensory and intellectual engagement, and it’s perfect for oenophiles and political aficionados alike.


5. DIY Campaign Poster Art Night

Let loose your creative sides by hosting a DIY campaign poster art night. All you need to do is gather up supplies like poster board, markers, paints, and stickers and challenge yourselves to design campaign posters for fictional candidates, causes you both care about, or funny takes on the election process. This activity lets you express your political passions (or frustrations) creatively while also enjoying a light-hearted, artistic process together.


6. Election Night Playlist Dance-Off

Make a banging election night playlist filled with songs that are bops, motivate you, or even relate to the theme of democracy and freedom (those won’t be bops unless it’s James Brown’s ‘Living in America’—that’s the only one we can think of that you can dance to). Have a dance-off or just bust some moves to shake off the tension of the night.


7. Volunteer for Election Coverage Parties

For the civically-minded couple, volunteering to host or help at an election coverage party (virtual or in-person) is a rewarding way to spend the evening. Taking part in the democratic process while supporting your community or your preferred candidate for prez adds more meaning to your date—love and civic duty can go hand in hand.

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8. Predictive Polls and Pizza

Make election night an interactive experience by creating your own predictive polls! Write down your predictions for various races, discuss your reasoning, and see who gets the most right as the results roll in. Pair this activity with your favorite pizza for a laid-back but still engaging date night. This idea is great for starting up important conversations and sharing your individual perspectives in a fun, lower-stakes setting.

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9. Political Book Exchange

For the book-loving couple, you can do a political book exchange. Here’s how it works: Each partner chooses a politically-themed book for the other, ideally one that offers new insights or perspectives. Then, spend some of the evening reading passages to each other or discussing the themes—you can make an intellectual connection as you tune in to the election results.

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10. Make a ‘Future Policy’ Dream Board

As a symbol of hope and forward-looking optimism, couples can make a “future policy” dream board together. It’s like a vision board but for political policies. You can use magazines, printouts, and markers to design a board that reflects the policies and changes you want and hope to see in the future. This activity is a great reminder that, regardless of the election’s outcome, you have common dreams and aspirations that are worth fighting for.

Final Votes

Election night is a drama-filled and super-intense event that is quite a unique backdrop for a date. If you are brave enough to do it, you can incorporate elements of civic engagement, creativity, and friendly (play nice!) competition.

Couples can fully experience the anxiety and excitement of the political process while spending some QT together, and these fun ideas show that even in the heat of political fervor, romance can and does thrive—at the heart of every vote and every debate is what people think is in the interests of a better, more loving world.

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