10 Must-Know Dating Tips/Trends for 2024

Dating in the new year

This past year, we have endlessly talked about the modern dating terms that have been bandied about, so much so that we had to make a dedicated glossary of them to keep track! Looking ahead to 2024, that list will grow as the new year brings another set of dating trends and relationship musts and icks—some of which we hope will turn into lasting features of the dating scene.

In 2023, the dating scene was characterized by daters wanting sober encounters, rejecting situationships, and hoping for that rare in-person rom-com meet-cute as opposed to meeting on a dating app. As we move into 2024, what does the landscape of love and dating trends reveal? Essentially, couples are customizing and redefining their relationships, a trend particularly favored by Gen Z, who are known for their love of redefining norms.

What Does 2024 Have in Store for Dating?

Recent research indicates that dating trends in 2024 will be shaped by movements such as ‘Smashing the Date-triarchy,’ ‘Contra-dating,’ and ‘Investi-dating.’

This study reveals that 74% of singles are now dating based on their own needs rather than adhering to societal expectations like marrying or having children by a certain age. Furthermore, 59% of singles are expanding their dating scope, stepping outside of their traditional ‘type.’ These statistics were compiled by the dating app Plenty of Fish, which has been releasing its annual dating trends report for the past seven years. The report is based on a survey of 2,000 single individuals, studying their attitudes and behaviors in the modern dating world.

From rebelling against conventional dating practices to venturing outside one’s typical ‘type,’ these are the ten biggest dating terms for 2024, created by the forefront in viral dating trends that define the experience of singles. Eva Gallagher, resident dating expert at Plenty of Fish, said: “Our annual dating trends nod to the evolving attitudes and behaviors of singles – which are heavily influenced by society and popular culture.”

The New Terms

Without further ado, let’s jump into the top ten trends that you’ll need to be aware of if you’re single and looking for love.

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Smashing the Date-triarchy

Shifting away from traditional relationship norms expected by society and instead embracing a path that aligns with your personal choices—similar to the way Barbie does in the smash (lol) hit movie.

Example: Choosing a relationship just because it’s what society expects, even if it doesn’t satisfy my needs or honor my boundaries? No thanks, I’m prioritizing my own happiness and well-being and Smashing the Date-triarchy!

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Exploring relationships with people who don’t fit your standard ‘type’ or usual compatibility criteria as a way to broaden your perspectives and keep an open mind when it comes to dating.

Example: I know sports bros aren’t usually my go-to, but it’s time to try something different. I’m gonna try Contra-dating to see what else the world of singles has to offer!

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When you or your friends undertake extensive searches on various social media platforms to learn more about a potential match or date (this isn’t new, to clarify—my friends and I have always done this; we just called it “rabbit-holing”).

Example: Searching on Google, browsing through social media, checking out tagged photos, etc. We are going full Sherlock Holmes Investi-dating!

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Going to the same spot for every first date because it’s a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

Example: Picked my regular spot for the first date, as usual. Then, as always, I had a debrief sesh with the bartender—I stay Groundhog-Day-ting.

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Staying in a current relationship because of the fear of having to start all over with someone new.

Example: Honestly? I’m really scared of starting over with someone new. I know I’m settling with who I’m dating now, but looking at who else is out there, it feels like the safer choice!

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See Pet-rothing

Staying with someone you’re dating just because you really love their pet, even though you don’t think the relationship is working out.

Example: She’s kind of irritating, and I don’t really like being with her, but I loved her dog so much! Basically, I’m Pet-rothing.

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Setting up dates for weeknights, so if they suck, you still have your weekends to have fun.

Example: Hey, I live for my weekends and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize how good they can be. Week Day-ting makes sure nothing, and no one interferes with that.

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Working on changing and improving how you date and what you want from dating, just like you’d fix up or redecorate your house.

Example: I’m going full Marie Condo. If my dating life doesn’t “spark joy,” I’m out. It’s called Reno-dating, because, unlike her, I don’t “love mess!”

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Hottie Desking

With more people back in the office instead of working from home, some are trying harder to find love at work.

Example: Not a fan of meeting people at bars, so I’m giving “Hottie Desking” a go. I do a full face of makeup, dress up, and try to connect with people at work.

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Lovesick Leave

When your employer gives you time off to recover from the end of a relationship or heal from heartache.

Example: The breakup hit me hard and left me unable to function, but fortunately, my boss let me take a few days of “Lovesick Leave” to help me regain my equilibrium. 



Now that we are thoroughly schooled on the dating trends and terms for 2024 let’s get into what dating will look like, according to a Bumble survey that found out from singles what to expect from the new year and how to prepare for it!

“To find the answers to those questions, Bumble conducted a survey of over 25,000 daters using our app around the world,” according to The Buzz. “Their insights helped us understand what you can expect to see in your dating life next year—and let’s just say, get ready to unapologetically put yourself first. Daters are looking at 2024 as the year of self. They’re rejecting the constant quest for perfection, discarding outdated timelines, and placing more value on emotional vulnerability and shared priorities.”


Age is Negotiable

More and more people using Bumble don’t mind the age of who they date. About 63% say age doesn’t really matter to them. Now, 59% of women are okay with dating younger guys. Also, 35% of women are less worried about age differences in relationships than they were last year.

social and political

Importance of Social and Political Issues

Our beliefs and stance on social and political issues are intrinsically tied to our values and worldview. When talking to a potential romantic partner, not sharing these core beliefs can be a major issue. According to Bumble’s research, women are generally not interested in dating someone with different political views. About 33% of women find it unattractive if their date isn’t knowledgeable about current social issues.

Furthermore, for 25% of people surveyed on Bumble, it’s important that their romantic partner not only knows about but actively participates in political and social causes. In fact, this involvement can even increase their attractiveness.

self improvement

More Self-Improvement? Nah

The trend of “self-optimization,” or the push to become the best version of oneself through practices like early morning cold plunges or listening to self-help podcasts, has led to 55% of singles feeling pressured to always improve themselves. This pressure has made 24% feel they’re not good enough for a partner.

However, looking toward 2024, many singles are pushing back against the idea that they need to change. Bumble’s survey shows that 68% of women are actively working to be content with themselves as they are. Moreover, 40% of women now prefer to date people who accept them without wanting to change them.

emotional intimacy

Emotional Intimacy Is In

As the new year begins, singles are looking for relationships where they feel safe and understood. The most important thing they’re looking for is emotional intimacy. Bumble’s survey shows that 32% of users think being emotionally close is more important and attractive than just physical attraction. Also, 78% of women say it’s really important that their partner gets both the emotional and physical sides of a relationship.


Changing Views on Masculinity

In 2023, movies, music, and fashion sparked big discussions about masculinity and gender roles. This has influenced how men behave in relationships. A survey found that 25% of men are now more open and vulnerable in their romantic relationships than before. This new approach to being open has helped improve the mental health of 25% of these men. Furthermore, 32% of the men surveyed now believe that being open and vulnerable is the most important part of a relationship. We love that!

self care

Focusing on Self-care in Dating

And last but not least, this year, taking care of oneself has become really important for singles. The survey on Bumble shows that 58% of them are now talking more openly about their mental health with friends, family, and dates. About 31% are taking it slow with dating, thinking carefully about how often they go on dates to keep their mental health in check. Also, more than 36% of women want to date people who also prioritize their own self-care.


You’re all caught up on everything that is hitting the dating scene in 2024! We know we are ready to hit the dating ground running, and we hope that you feel prepared to go forth and date with the best intentions and much success in whatever your romantic goals are. Happy almost new year!

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

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