Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a New Online Relationship

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be thinking about what romantic tricks to pull out of the bag for your sweetheart. However, your situation is slightly different for two significant reasons. 1. You’re dating online, and 2. This is a brand-new relationship.

For those reasons, you’re looking for suggestions to help you navigate your way through the holiday with your new online relationship.

However, this all depends on the stage of your relationship and how long you’ve been together. No worries because we’re here to help! So check out this guide that covers online relationship stages ranging from a couple of weeks to several months.

Online Valentine’s Day Suggestions for Online Couples 2-4 Weeks:

Don’t Be Pressed for an In-Person Meeting

Our biggest suggestion here is NOT to rush into an in-person meeting simply because it’s Valentine’s Day. Instead, you’ll want to continue the relationship as usual and allow the new and potential relationship to progress naturally.

Relax and give yourself some time to determine where the conversation is headed. In other words, if you’re having great discussions online, continue to do so.

Never Allow Yourself to Be Easy Prey

Like all other online dates, check out your match’s profile to ensure consistency. For example, are those “real” pictures or online stock photos? Are their images heavily edited? You’ll want to know because they may lie about everything else if they’re dishonest about these specific things.

This is the work you must do to keep yourself safe. But first, investigate their profile information to ensure it’s precise. If something doesn’t check out, it’s a possibility they could be catfishing you.

Some online dating scammers thrive on Valentine’s Day because this is the time people become most vulnerable regarding relationships.

They use this fact to their advantage and search for people they can trick into giving them things like material items, sex, and money. Sometimes we can allow our desire to find the perfect Valentine’s Day match to cloud our judgment. Be an investigator. So, treat every connection like a catfish, especially on Valentine’s Day.

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If You Must, Casually Acknowledge the Holiday

You can forego the holiday entirely with a new online match, and it’s OK. However, it’s also cool to acknowledge the day by casually wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

For instance, make a joke or two about it. Share childhood memories. These approaches are perfect even if you’ve just begun talking within a week of the holiday because it’s all about getting to know each other.

If you’ve been talking to each other for a few weeks, sending an e-card is acceptable. However, don’t send profound “I love you” messages. Instead, keep it light and humorous. Don’t go further than a card since you haven’t even met yet! Keep it casual and simple.

Planning Your First or Second Face-To-Face Date:

You Don’t Need to Have Your Date on Valentine’s Day

It’s a lovers’ holiday, so what’s more romantic than planning the first date on that day, right? To that, we say, “nope, nope, and nope!”

Unfortunately, this day can bring a lot of unnecessary pressure to meet cliched expectations. For example, collectively, society calls this day “the most romantic day of the year.” That reference alone screams pressure! But, don’t fall for it!

So, skip scheduling that first, second, or even third date on February 14th. Besides, it’s super challenging to reserve a table at a good restaurant; if you do, it’ll be overcrowded anyway!

Don’t Stress over Gifts

If you’re worried about whether or not to buy a gift for your first in-person meeting, eliminate all the stress right now and decide against gift-giving.

While a lovely sentiment, gifts also add a lot of unneeded pressure. For example, if you bring a gift, your date may feel guilty for not getting one. Or, if your date brings a gift and you don’t, you’ll feel bad.

If this is your first meeting, it’s too early in the relationship for Valentine’s Day gift-giving. So, focus on each other rather than on what gift they did (or didn’t) bring.

While You’re at It, Avoid the Entire Valentine’s Weekend

Typically, if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and even sometimes Thursday), the entire weekend is a wash.

While venues may not be as crowded on the adjacent days as on the official day, some couples will celebrate for several days. So to make your date run smoother without worrying about overcrowding, wait for two or three days after the 14th.

Scheduling a Date near Valentine’s Day

If you do find yourself meeting a day or two leading up to or after Valentine’s Day, don’t feel pressured to acknowledge the day with any type of gift.

You may even accidentally meet up on the 14th, and that’s fine, but the same suggestion applies; don’t feel pressured to buy a gift. You’re just getting to know someone, so you don’t need to meet any expectations. Instead, treat this date just like any other. Don’t get nervous, and enjoy yourself.

Remain Cautious

Don’t become so jaded by the holiday that you can’t spot holes in your online match’s story. For starters, if the difference between their online and in-person appearance is so vast, they probably embellished quite a few other things on their profile.

While you won’t learn everything in the first meeting, you can watch for major issues during the conversations.

While you won’t learn everything in the first meeting, you can watch for major issues during the conversations.

For example, it’s a huge red flag if what they told you online doesn’t match what they’re telling you on the date. It’s usually quite challenging to keep up with lies, so eventually, they’ll get caught in a few.

While on a first date, people tend to put their best foot forward. But watch for minor signs of their true personality. For instance, how do they treat the wait staff at the restaurant? Actions such as these better indicate what’s in store in a potential relationship.

When You’ve Seen Each Other In-Person for over a Month:

Again, Don’t Feel Pressured

While it’s been longer than a couple of weeks, it’s still relatively new. So, it’s best to steer clear from Valentine’s Day-centric dates on the 14th or two days before and after.

Instead, make a date that works no matter the time of the year, and don’t feel pressured to mention the day. But, again, you don’t need to meet V-Day expectations, so let things flow and move forward naturally.

A Nice Card and Candy Always Work…Only if You Want To

You know each other better at this point, so you should also know their tastes. Candy or a cute card is acceptable but avoid other gifts. It’s not needed and creates more unnecessary pressure.

When You’ve Been Dating In-Person for 2-6 Months:

Sure, Go Ahead and Meet on Valentine’s Day

Yeeeaahhh!! You’re finally part of a couple that is OK to meet on February 14th. Yes, you’ve been dating for a reasonable amount of time, but you should continue to follow these basic ground rules:

First, ask your date their feelings about the holiday.

  • When your date celebrates Valentine’s Day in a more traditional manner: Consider preparing a casual dinner at your home that day/weekend. This way, you won’t need to worry about making reservations, high prices, or poor service due to overcrowding. In the privacy of your own home, you can focus more on each than on trying to get the server’s attention for a water refill.
  • If your date prefers NOT to have the pressure of a meeting on Valentine’s Day: Some people don’t like the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day, so that’s a good reason to avoid it. If that is you, or your date’s preference, you don’t need to schedule a date on that day or the days surrounding the 14th. If you’d still like to see them on Valentine’s Day, instead of a “date,” hang out for a casual lunch or go for an afternoon hike.
  • If your date doesn’t care one way or the other about Valentine’s Day: If you or your date are “meh” when it comes to Valentine’s Day, strike a balance. For example, you can plan a date close to Valentine’s Day but skip the cliched romantic movie and dinner date. Instead, try taking your date to a nontraditional spot they’ll enjoy. For example, go rollerskating or go rock climbing. It doesn’t need to be that extreme, but make the date something unusual for Valentine’s Day (a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, perhaps?) Unique dates focus less on the 14th and more on getting to know each other.
  • If you approach the day differently than your date: If this is the case, use the “don’t care one way or the other” approach mentioned above. However, if you like the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day and your date doesn’t, it’s best to discuss it with your date first. Some people enjoy the surprise of the unfolding events, but others prefer to talk about where to go first. So it’s always a good look if you ask your date if they have a specific place in mind. If they don’t, you have carte blanche to devise a memorable and unique idea.

Don’t Give Overly Personal or Expensive Gifts. Instead, Give Simple Gifts.

Please don’t bother with the meaningful and personal presents until you’ve been together for almost a year and know you’re both in it for the long haul. Instead, at this stage, appropriate gifts include candy assortments, flowers, and books you believe they’d enjoy.

Stronger Relationships That Are Ready for the Next Level

If you’ve been in a relationship for several months and know they’re in it long-term, feel free to step up your Valentine’s Day game.

This is when you can spend a little cash to cover the cost of a more romantic dinner and two movie tickets (with popcorn) to a flick you enjoy. Concert tickets are also an excellent idea to take the relationship to a higher level.

Don’t Push the Relationship Just Because It’s Valentine’s Day

This is key for all relationship stages, so it’s definitely worth repeating. Unfortunately, society force-feeds the public unrealistic expectations of couples on Valentine’s Day. Stop feeling pressured, and allow your relationship to bloom naturally.

When deciding how to proceed with the date, ignore outside pressures. You know your relationship best, so rely on your instincts when determining how to proceed. This stage also includes when to say the words, “I love you.”

How to Know They’re “The One”

Sometimes people feel like someone must be “the one” since they’ve been dating for a couple of years. That’s not true. The length of time you’ve been dating someone doesn’t determine whether or not they’re the one. So then, what does determine if they are in it for the long haul? Here are a few signs that say they’re your special person.

Create a Safe Environment When Online Dating Every Day of the Year

Online dating sites can be crazy regardless of the season. This is why it’s essential to stay safe.

Unfortunately, people feel pressured to have a date around Valentine’s Day, so they rush to make a match and begin a new relationship without heeding some warnings. For example, are you sure your match is who they say they are? Are they worth your time, energy, and money?

Also, wait to give out your number. Instead, have a few initial online conversations to get a feel for whether or not they’re worth talking to outside the dating app.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be pressure for anyone, especially in a new online relationship. So, don’t feel pressured to force a connection simply because you want a date on or around that day. Instead, continue getting to know one another. You’ll be ready for an in-person date when the relationship has progressed authentically, regardless of the season.

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