Are You a Male Karen? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

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What Is a Karen?

First, we need to define it to determine if you are one. A Karen is a pop culture term used to describe an annoying lady who, unknowingly (or knowingly), thinks of herself as entitled. The name mainly describes white, middle-aged American moms.

So, a Ken is a male who harbors the same toxic attitudes and feels he can assault anyone who knowingly or unknowingly falls out of line regarding basic social manners.

In other words, you deserve to be attacked if you don’t live according to their standards.

Unlike the “female Karen,” the Internet hasn’t been able to capture the essence of a Ken with a noticeable, common trait. For example, Karens are primarily white women who wear a blonde, blunt-cut bob that distinguishes them from everyone else.

Most Kens only have white skin, a tall and heavy build, and an American passport (sometimes). They also have possible affiliations with alt-right groups.

The most common traits of Ken include the following:

  • Sexism, racism, and classism
  • Feelings of entitlement in any environment (park, supermarket)
  • Very loud in their attacks
  • Very confident during an attack or in a conversation

Examples of male Karens include:

  • Donald Trump (the King of all Kens)
  • Elon Musk
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Logan or Jake Paul (take your pick)
Man using megaphone to yell

6 Questions That Let You Know, Yep, You’re a Male Version of Karen

Read through and answer the following questions to find out if you might be a male version of Karen.

1). Have You Ever Mocked a Person of Another Race — Specifically One of Their Physical Characteristics?

Kens believe that if you don’t look like them, you’re not attractive and therefore acceptable to mock. So, for example, they may mock a Chinese woman by squinting their eyes or dressing up in blackface as a Halloween costume.

And they continue to mock after the media and all their family and friends repeatedly remind them how insensitive their actions are. This behavior is commonly referred to as douchebaggery (adj) and entitled asshole (n).

2). Have You Ever Refused to Wear a Mask in a Country Where It’s Mandated, Then Loudly Explained, “I Know My Rights!”?

Listen, we get that Covid-19 was a trying time for everyone. Most people around the world haven’t been exposed to anything like it before. But when the world is trying to find solutions to combat the pandemic, including wearing masks, no one wants to listen to you basically tell the world, “SCREW YOU!”

Most countries hunkered down and did their part to see what worked and what didn’t. It’s only a MASK, and wearing one did not violate your rights.

On the contrary, wearing a mask showed solidarity in a world that was frightened for themselves, those they loved, and the general population.

3). Have You Ever Traveled to a Non-english Speaking Country and Gotten Upset Because the People Didn’t Speak English?

As a Ken, you’re so used to everything and everyone revolving around you that you forget (or don’t care) that there are other races and nationalities in this world.

So, when you travel to another country and visit a store, you become highly upset that while the locals make an effort to understand YOU in THEIR country, you get upset when you have to repeat yourself, eventually asking irritably, “Doesn’t anyone speak English around here?”

No, Ken, they don’t, and they’re not obligated to. Do you know Italian, French, and Japanese? Well, OK then.

4). Have You Ever Called the Cops on a Party in the Park That Was Organized by Another Race?

This is a classic Karen move that spilled over into Ken-dom. You witness a family, usually a minority, minding their own business and having a good time. As a Ken, this pisses you off because:

1). You weren’t invited

2). Why should they be having fun when you’re a miserable prick?

So, the only natural move is to break up all that fun with one phone call to the police. The worst part is after the cops arrive and break up the party, you’re still miserable. However, at least now you have company.

Cop car with lights going off

5). Do You Demand Above-The-Call-Of-Duty Service Everywhere You Go?

Expecting high standards isn’t the issue. We should all expect good service, especially if we pay for it. However, shit happens, but Kens don’t want to hear it. They apply their “I pay for your salary,” mentality to every situation.

For example, you always expect perfection, so Starbucks had better get your Pumpkin Spice Latte order exactly how you like it. And if you’ve been to that Starbucks twice before and the barista doesn’t remember your order, she might as well quit because it’s gonna get ugly.

And if anything from the lid to the foam to the f—kin’ stirring stick doesn’t meet your standards, you will–say it with me–call for the manager. And not a normal call.

You will lean over the counter and shout it, usually with some profanity sprinkled in. This Ken behavior also applies to:

  • Subway
  • Any golfing store
  • Home Depot
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods

6). Do You Believe the Rules Don’t Apply to You?

Like Karens, Kens often feel it’s OK to have rules—just not for them. They want everyone else to fall in line but not them if it makes them uncomfortable in the slightest way.

For example, are you offended when you can’t return something even though the store clearly states No exchanges? They’re not pinpointing you, but it doesn’t seem that way to you. You ask yourself, Why do these people insist on making my life so difficult?

So, you argue and sometimes even threaten never to shop there again. FYI: the clerk doesn’t care. In fact, they’d prefer it.

Then you say things like, “This is completely unprofessional,” or “I wouldn’t shop here if you paid me.” But, sir, you did shop there, and YOU paid THEM to do it.

As the clerk, you think it’s over, right? Wrong! A Ken will grudgingly exit the store, but the next day he’ll leave a scathing “anonymous” review giving his “woe is me” version of the story.

The funny thing is that the comments indicate that most people are on the clerk’s side, so you delete your review and move on to the next store to harass. And the rinse-and-repeat cycle continues.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you have male Karen tendencies. In most cases, you don’t need to seek professional help.

Instead, sit down and shut the f–k up for once! It’s really not that serious. You’ll notice people, including family, friends, and coworkers, enjoying being around you more.

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